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A 45 minute massage of the chest, breast tissues and arms which moves lymph, reduces heat, and eases the pain in scar tissue. This treatment is provided pre and post surgery, and for general health care. $90

Caryn has been offering this treatment since 2005 and began a 15 year study in 2007 which taught women to do a home self-care Breast massage. 



Indications for Well Breast Massage

 Congestion, Edema, Lymphedema

 Painful Breasts, Pre-Menstrual Tension, Swelling or Tenderness

 Discomfort due to Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, or Weaning

 Drainage Problems due to Large Breasts

 Tenderness due to Benign Conditions or Normal Breast Changes with Aging

 Pain or Trauma after Surgery or Biopsy

 Scarring or Piercing

 Discomforts related to Cancer Treatment*

 Better Self-Image

 To Become Familiar with Normal Breast Changes



Precautions and Contraindications

 Mastitis, Post Surgical Infection, or Any Active Infection

 Do Not Massage Implants that are Painful or Distorted in Contour

 Do Not Massage Any Undiagnosed Lump

 Do Not Massage a Tumor or Abscess



*wait a few weeks after chemotherapy or radiation treatment to do Well Breast Massage and do not massage on any undiagnosed lump or on a tumor or abscess



If you have any other concerns or questions please call me at 505.670-3538 or consult your doctor.

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