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Amethyst Bio Mat Sessions


Relax for 45 minutes on an Amethyst BioMat and let your body soak in Far InfraRed rays. Treatments will ease pain and stimulates Serotonin for better sleep. 

 Also enhances a Detox routine.

$75 Treatments are fully clothed on table.

*Read more about the Amethyst BioMat on the Products page


THE EFFECTS OF THE BIOMAT'S UNIQUE COMBINATION OF FAR INFRARED RAYS, NEGATIVE IONS AND AMETHYST CRYSTALS move through the body and heal from the inside out. This internal heating flushes the lymph system of toxins and reduces the size of the water clusters for better cell communication regeneration and hydration.


Speed up wound/surgical healing by 57%

Rejuvenate DNA.

Increase metabolism

Flush toxins from the lymph system

Increase collagen tissue extensibility

Assist weight loss and accelerate the burn of calories

Increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to soft tissues of the body

Increase production of nitric oxide which assists athletic performance

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