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Chi Nei Tsang

Abdominal Massage to assist metabolism and clear emotions

Energy Medicine

Hands on Healing to bring clearing and balance to the Energy (Chi) Field. Assists physical health and spiritual growth.  LONG DISTANCE HEALINGS, TOO

Love and Destiny Card Readings

Discover your personal Destiny and connections to others.  Private Readings can be done over the phone


About Caryn

My Vision is to create a healing experience for you.



Caryn Boyd Diel has a healing practice which offers Chi Nei Tsang; Ampuku, Asian Body Therapy (Abdominal Massage), Medical Qigong and Energy Medicine; Hands of Light Chakra Balancing treatments, Cranial Sacral therapy, Well Breast Massage and Foot and Leg Massage.


A favorite of clients is Foot and Leg massage. Caryn also offers Kinesio Taping for sports and occupational injuries. Many treatments include a personalized blend of essential oils and the use of high quality crystals.

Clients may also schedule Long Distance healings, which are profound. Call to make an appointment.  Office in Bellingham, WA


A long time student of Robert Camp, she is also trained to give Destiny and Love Card readings. Clients find these readings to be life changing. These can be done in person or scheduled over the phone.


Caryn is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a Certified MELT Instructor, and a Senior Universal Healing Tao Instructor. With a Masters degree in Education and Counseling, she brings a compassionate touch to her sessions with clients, whether in person or over the phone.


Visit the website to view her course offerings. Contact Caryn to schedule a private MELT session or a class at your studio.


Several years ago Caryn discovered the Amethyst BioMats and began to use them in her healing practice. She found that clients relaxed deeply and felt grounded and refreshed after their treatments on the BioMat. Many clients ordered them for use at home and the rest is history, as they say. The BioMats are a high quality product and I am proud to be a distributor.  Please visit the Products page for information. 


A native of California, she has traveled the world, lived in Hawaii,       

Santa Fe, NM  and is currently living in Washington state.                  

         505 670-3538    LMT#60807569



















Chi Nei Tsang

Energy Medicine

Love & Destiny Card Readings

Melt living Body



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